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My name is Shoji 'Pop Tart' Higashikata and I like to create things. On this website you can find my artwork and various (unfinished) tabletop projects.
Maybe one day this place will be a flourishing portfolio! Wishful thinking. But, one can dream, right? Anyways, this place will be under construction as I add pieces day by day.

Enjoy your stay.


Moonbeams and Sunflowers is my first solo zine filled with undelivered love letters and stories of dried blood. I hope you can find some solace within its pages. Cheers!

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*// [1/27/23] BPP#67, 'BPP SEASON 2 FINALE' uploaded to site.

*// [1/14/23] BPP#66, 'i have gout' uploaded to site.

*// [1/3/23] BPP#65, 'ON DAT BEAM' uploaded to site.

*// [12/10/22] BPP#64, 'THE MECHANISM' and BPP character quiz uploaded to site.

*// [11/19/22] BPP#63, 'Down Syndrome,' uploaded to site.

*// [11/4/22] BPP#62, 'God was right,' uploaded to site.

*// [10/25/22] BPP#61, '10/25 Never Forget,' uploaded to site.

*// [10/16/22] Migrated the BPP page to its new "webcomic"-esque layout. Old page still accessible via the new page.

*// [10/13/22] Main page updated! This includes a button linking to the "About me" page which before had no way of reaching unless I told you about it. Will begin to fix issues soon.

*// [10/9/22] BPP#60, 'Mario,' uploaded to site.

*// [9/25/22] BPP#59 'Scarecels seething at Ballchads,' uploaded to site.

We are bound not by blood but by tears. Get up, wanderer, the cold waits for no one.